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A New Affiliated Business Club for Young Agripreneurs in Africa

OYA Business Club

We’re happy to announce that the OYA Business Club is open for members.

Our business club grows by the day, attracting the highest-performing executives in Africa. We’re proud of our members, working together to advance a common cause. They bring their experience and skills and promote their projects, using Business Club Africa as a magnifier for their efforts.

On top of business matchmaking services and promotion of our members’ products & services, we organize events across several industries such as agriculture, mining, and construction. Far and wide, we preserved our fundamental values to lead and inspire new generations of African entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, we’re proud to announce our new affiliate business club in partnership with UNIDO and FAO. We invite all young African agripreneurs to join today and capitalize on all the resources available to network and grow your business. It’s only the beginning because we have many delightful surprises that we’ll reveal soon. 

Please, take a few minutes to learn more about OYA Business Club and what it means to you.

Introducing OYA Business Club

In the beginning, the OYA Programme was a joint effort between the UNIDO and FAO to support African youth. The OYA Program works as an incubator for African startups in agriculture. It has spawned terrific projects in Zambia, Cabo Verde, and Ghana.

Some of these projects are the IDEA app that helps African entrepreneurs find investors. A collaboration with the International Space Station to solve the climate change crisis by growing crops in space. Crowdfunding training programs to help African youth grow their budding businesses.

The OYA Business Club is a natural evolution of our continued efforts to connect and network – now opening the door to young entrepreneurs revolutionizing the agriculture industry in Africa. 

Why join?

It’s simply a matter of expanding your agriculture business.

Benefits of Joining the OYA Business Club

The OYA Business Club opens closed doors through high-level networking events, personalized introductions, a private marketplace, access to investors, and much more! As a result, you get access to on-demand growth tools and resources to help you expand your business.

Our organization is active, organizing networking events to help you reach key players in the agriculture industry and beyond. You can connect with senior-level executives and governmental representatives worldwide. And you may start and maintain valuable relationships that help you advance your project.

Furthermore, you get total freedom to contact members that better suit your goals. You can pitch your idea in a safe, supportive environment and get guidance from other experienced members.

Bring your enthusiasm, and see how opportunities present themselves to you. You have a plan, and we provide the tools to make it a reality.

The OYA Business Club will open new markets to help you reach a new audience. So, if you have established your business with products and services to promote, the OYA Business Club is for you.

Be confident that nothing on this scale was available to you. We’re more specific than other general business clubs out there. The OYA Business Club focuses on the agriculture industry in Africa, helping young entrepreneurs as you prosper.

Experience the OYA Business Difference

  • Find new markets to promote your products and services
  • Pitch your ideas to investors interested in funding your business
  • Connect with mentors to help you avoid common pitfalls
  • Attend networking events with other members
  • Acquire new skills with our masterclasses

OYA Agriculture

Join the OYA Business Club

When you’re ready to become a member, simply click here to register. The cost of membership is only $479 annually. Upon payment and account activation, you’ll become a full member of the OYA program and get access to our club and affiliated clubs. One of our long-standing members says, “the membership fees pay themselves in business growth.”


Q: Who should join the OYA Business Club?

A: The OYA Business Club focuses on helping young African entrepreneurs in the agriculture industry to grow and prosper. So, if you’re a startup founder, you can join. Similarly, you can join if you’re the leader of an SME looking to grow your company.

Q: How to know if you qualify?

A: The only requirement is that you have been in the African agriculture business for three years, a proven business model, established clients and less than 40 yrs old. 

Q: Do you have to be based in Africa?

Yes. You can also work with companies inside and outside Africa. So, joining the OYA Business Club is a good idea if you want to invest in yourself and in your business. It’ll help you expand your business inside and outside of Africa.

Businesses are like humans; they go through several life stages with each phase comes with a set of challenges and opportunities. Regardless of your current business stage, you can always use external support.

The OYA Business Club can provide the level and depth of support that no other club could offer. It’s especially true for African youth in the agriculture industry. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone.

The OYA Business Club brings governmental, local, and international support from the UNIDO and FAO under one roof. It equips you with the tools and resources to succeed in a competitive world.

We look forward to welcoming you to the  Club!

17, May, 2022