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Arid Beehives & Honey: Leading the Way in Environment Development and Sustainability

Arid beehives
We’re about to share the exciting success story of Robinson Kamba, CEO of Arid Beehives. He’s one of OYA Business Club’s members in Kenya. Discover how a small beekeeping project grew into a profitable environmental sustainability agribusiness.

Arid Beehives restored the bee population to natural levels by planting more trees. In the process, it’s helping youth and women generate an additional income stream. Furthermore, it’s saving the environment while expanding into the agriculture industry. Everyone wins.

It wasn’t easy for Arid Beehives, but it persevered despite the challenges. Today, it built an infrastructure, ready to form new partnerships and grow bigger.

Here’s chapter one of the success story of this up-and-coming beekeeping powerhouse.

Seeds of Success

Arid Beehives started by growing and nurturing native trees and selling the seeds to local communities. Shortly, the bee population began to grow again. The bees also helped pollinate more trees, which led to increased growth in crops.

The company bought timber from the locals to build more beehives. Then, it resold those beehives. Later, it would buy the honey from the local farmers to distribute it. It’s the perfect apiculture value chain.

Arid beehvives
The company also develops training programs for locals in the area and surrounding counties. It offers other services like bee swarm removal, honey harvesting, and consultations. Today, it operates in the three following counties, Machakos, Makueni and Kitui – Kenya.

It’s the only agriculture business to help local communities set up and maintain productive beehives. It also offers products and services that no other company would provide.

Robinson’s leadership skills helped him mobilize the local community. He sparked hope in them and gave them a plan of action. As a result, he planted the seeds of success and grew a formidable agribusiness in record time.


Second, transportation was a sore point. How to transport the material between the hives and the honey to the customers? In beekeeping, keeping the operation well connected is essential. Thus, the company acquired a van to cover its transportation needs, which represented a significant investment for an early stage startup.
Agripreneur Robinson Kamba is an inspirational success story. Arid Beehives thrived despite the scarcity of resources, working hands, and climate change. It opened new doors for economic opportunity for the local population. Today, it has the potential to expand beyond Machakos County.
We’re proud of members like Robinson Kamba, playing a vital role in their country’s economy. If you believe you can support the startup in any way, don’t hesitate to get in touch with him. Our community strives when members work together to produce results in the real world. If you want to join a community of ambitious and driven agripreneurs like Robinson, become a member of the OYA Business Club.
19, May, 2022