Become a Local Ambassador

  • Organize 3-4 real life gatherings in your city (breakfast, lunch, afterwork, dinner) with 10-12 executives per year thanks to our support
  • Open each gathering with a short round table exercize so everybody gets to know each other and discussions can start!

Small committee gatherings are far more effective than large networking events where you end up chatting with 2-3 people you know and only meet a very few new people, and that might not be of interest to you…

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Focal Point

Become the first entry point for members in your country.

Members in your city are informed that you are a Local Ambassador of the Club. They may reach out to you to seek for your potential support for a deal or if they have a quick question. You can forward us the request anytime if you can’t answer it.


Business opportunities

Get access and seize business opportunities upfront.

Be the first to know about business opportunities of members interested in your country. Put your business forward and offer your products & services.



Grow your network systematically.

Meet new executives active or interested in your country.


Organize 4 Meet-ups per year with a maximum of 12 members. Act as the moderator of the business breakfast, lunch or dinner by simply making sure that everybody introduces themselves and keep the conversation going.

Be the First

Get introduced more often

Be the Host

Organize 4 Meet-ups per year.

Be in the Know

More access to business opportunities

Grow your Business

Engage more and be at the for front