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Burnout: The Mental Health Crisis and the Importance of Self-Care in the Work Context

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According to McKinsey, around 50% of employees feel somewhat burned out. The actual number is probably higher. Two years into a global pandemic, with no end in sight, had a toll on mental health. The lockdown also had its effects on our day-to-day life.
The war in Ukraine and its global consequences (price rise of oil, gas, wheat, etc.) also aggravated our mental health. With the ghost of nuclear war looming on the horizon, we’re more anxious about the uncertain future. The devastating economic repercussions of pandemics and wars changed how we do business. Technology also made it easier to work anywhere and anytime. It’s not easy to unplug when work-related notifications keep buzzing. Pandemics, wars, unresolved trauma and working around the clock are the primary factors contributing to the mental health crisis. We can’t process the rapid changes around us. So, how do we cope? How do we keep our sanity when the world is going crazy?
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Why Your Burnout Is Actually Good News

There’s a world of difference between burnout and depression. Though, there are some common symptoms such as anxiety, loss of sleep, and lack of energy. It’s relatively easier to recover from burnout (which is now classified as a mental illness) than depression, though. Imagine yourself sitting on the beach on a remote, secluded island, feeling the sea breeze on your face. It might reverse the damage of burnout to your physical and mental health, and you’ll feel rejuvenated immediately. On the other hand, if you’re depressed, changing your environment won’t help much.
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Furthermore, burnout means you crossed the line of what your mental health could endure. You need to “reset” your mind then you’ll be good as new. It means you worked too much, and you depleted your mental energy. You might want to ask yourself “Why do I work so much?” It could be a coping mechanism like any other addiction or out of balance habits. Unless you want to hate your job and quit, it’s best to take time off to revitalize and get to know yourself better. So, burnout is good news because it means you did a lot of work, and now it’s time to rest. It’s also a warning sign that something is off in your life. Burnout tends to develop into depression, and you should do something about it.

Why Is Mental Illness Increasing in Our Workplace

Organizations that don’t invest in the mental health of their employees risk losing revenue due to dropped productivity. Exhausted employees can’t perform optimally, and they tend to quit their jobs altogether. In other words, our work is making our mental health worse instead of giving us a sense of purpose. Your manager might project their mental illness on you. Similarly, co-workers might harass and bully you. You have to deal with their mental troubles in addition to yours. Mental illness is increasing in our workplace because we lack the emotional intelligence skills to handle our emotions.
Furthermore, we don’t want to continue or return to work because of these effects. Again, work becomes a source of anxiety and needless suffering for us. So, quitting becomes the best course of action to protect our mental health. According to the World Health Organization, for every $1 spent on mental health, organizations get $4 in return. Naturally, investing in your mental health helps you perform better at work and increase revenue.

Meet Business Club Africa Member Fabian-Carlos Guhl (A Case Study)

Fabian-Carlos Guhl struggled to fit in the world, and that’s how the journey started to unlock the secret to burnout recovery. He was your typical A+ student, studying at international business schools and chasing external success making sure to look amazing from the outside. After graduation, the tech startup world attracted him. Then, he founded Ampion, a non-profit organization that empowers young African tech entrepreneurs to pursue their passion. After a few years of grind, his startup won several awards, grants and funding rounds and expanded to 16 African countries.
Despite Ampion’s smashing success, Fabian-Carlos Guhl felt lost and overwhelmed. He wasn’t even aware that something was wrong and the hustle occupied his time too much to investigate further.  He didn’t even have enough time for self-care as he travelled from Africa to Europe back and forth. It wasn’t sustainable as his mental health started deteriorating. He began to forget important meetings with investors and customers and felt overwhelmed and unhappy. So, he decided enough was enough. He took time off and started looking into healing methods such as psychotherapy.
During his research, he connected with his true passion in life. Eventually, he travelled to Egypt and decided to volunteer in wild dolphins conservation. Freediving with these majestic animals in Dahab ignited his zest for life even more. He later discovered other healing methods, including somatic therapy, kundalini yoga, and qigong. Today, Fabian-Carlos Guhl and his team at Oceanic Ventures Retreats focus on designing Red Sea retreats for busy entrepreneurs and executives that are looking for a timeout or reset and combine fun & watersports with healing. He went through a lot and benchmarked quite some retreat offerings until he unlocked a recipe for burnout recovery, and he’s inviting you to join him.

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As a Business Club Africa member, you’re eligible for 20% off all Fabian-Carlos Guhl’s retreats. And it comes with Fabian-Carlos Guhl’s satisfaction guarantee. A team of expert teachers and therapists can’t wait to see you in Dahab to begin your transformation. Their holistic approach to burnout and other mental health issues will transform you. They’ll help you get to the core of your troubles and enable your healing process to become your authentic self.
However, not all retreats are created equal. Atlantis Call isn’t for you if you don’t like the sea, sun, and sand between your toes. Don’t join if you don’t like waking up to the sound of the calm waves and warm weather. Find something else if you’re afraid to face your inner demons and dissolve them. Only join if you like beach activities, surfing, and campfire stories. It’s the perfect retreat to come face to face with your burnout and cut it at its root. The transformative experience will help you let go of past traumas, bodily tensions, and chronic pain.

COVID revealed that taking care of your health is more than washing your hands for 20 seconds and wearing masks in public places. Self-care also involves taking care of your mental health. In the workplace, things could become ugly with constant pressure. We lose sight of why we work in the first place. Stubbornly refusing to take rest and denying your burnout will only make problems worse. No matter how much you love what you do, burnout will lead to surrender and failure. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially when there’s a cure:

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Fabian-Carlos Guhl

Fabian-Carlos Guhl

Founder & CEO, Oceanic Ventures Retreats

01, Apr, 2022