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COVID-19 Update in Uganda by Luigi Chiantella

Status of the Coronavirus in the country

Uganda has implemented a 14-day lockdown with transport banned and a nighttime curfew. However, people are still allowed to move around on foot in groups of less than five. The ban is on all transportation (private and public) and even applies to medical emergencies. The police stops everybody, even in personal cars, to go anywhere. Some mothers in labour have died trying to reach hospitals to give birth. Many companies like mine got hotel rooms near their working sites so we can continue working.

The impact on my industry



Although construction sites aren’t closed because of the lockdown, the transportation ban is affecting our business because our employees can’t get to the site. Therefore, we have rented hotel rooms close to the working site so we can walk to work, and we have set up accommodation for some of our staff to live on site.

Part of our staff are expatriates so the travel ban has been extremely difficult on our staff rotations and imports of foreign expertise on local sites.

What's being done to fight COVID-19

In my opinion, the Government of Uganda took action on time. They implemented restrictions as soon as few cases were confirmed. Forbidding transportation had a positive impact on stopping the spread of the virus. In addition, companies, artists and citizens are cooperating well. Sanitizers, masks, and gloves can be found pretty much everywhere and the medical staff with thermometers is quit active all over the capital. Even though the citizens and the medias are reporting that there aren’t enough testing done, I believe the country will be able to contain the contagion.

In the meantime, we have reorganized our work to the best we could, and are waiting to see how life will get back to normal.

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Luigi Chiantella

Luigi Chiantella

General Director at Makinen Suisse SA living in Senegal
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13, Apr, 2020