Be the Expert!

Promote your expertise to potential clients.
Expert Talk is a recorded one-on-one interview where you share your expertise.

It takes less than 10 minutes to record and we send your video to thousands of verified leads like yourself…CEOs, founders, and executives.

It’s the most efficient and affordable way to promote your business and open the door to new contracts.

How does it work?
  • We agree on 1 topic and 4-6 questions
  • We record the interview
  • We promote your Expert Talk!
Expert Talk
Through your Expert Talk you’ll be able to highlight:
  • Your achievements
  • Your expertise
  • Why your solution is the best
  • What type of clients benefit from your work

Build your professional authority

We will promote your Expert Talk through our curated data base of executives AND create laser-focused marketing campaigns to target the ideal audience of your choice based on your requirements.

Imagine reaching thousands of CEOs, founders, and decision-makers without leaving your office chair.

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$ 1000
Video interview
8-12 min
Approval of content
Segmented Newsletters
Marketing campaigns
Reach 5000 potential clients