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Spotlight of Sassan Khatib-Shahidi

My Background

I was born and raised in Germany by an Iranian father and a German mother. I graduated from law school with a PhD and practiced corporate law as an Attorney in Frankfurt for many years. In 1999, I moved to Dubai where I created a company, with 2 other partners, called German Imaging Technologies (GIT). In 2016, I created a second company called German Imaging Technologies East Africa Ltd for the African market. I have lived and worked in Germany, Kenya, the UK, the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai.

What I Do

With its copiers, printers, software solutions, and most importantly in-house remanufactured toner cartridges for use in HP laser printers, GIT helps our clients save 30% on their printing costs while also reducing the environmental impact of printing by at least 50%. I have two companies, one is operating in Dubai and the other one in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2019, we exported our products to 20 countries between the Middle East, Africa, CIS, India, and Pakistan. We aim to be the leading independent document printing solutions company in our territories and the#1 in each country where we operate.

Years of Experience


Of Which in Africa


I Made It This Far

After becoming an attorney, I followed my entrepreneurial dream of owning a manufacturing firm to create as many jobs as I could while doing my best to make this world a better place. We do this by creating jobs with good working conditions, providing equal access to employment, and manufacturing products with zero waste to landfill. Driven by this core purpose, our vision for 2030 is:

  • create 1,000 additional jobs
  • be physically present in 10 countries
  • establish partnerships in 50 countries
  • have 50% of our staff female
  • sustain a zero waste to landfill product approach.

Our corporate values are integrity, curiosity, unity and dedication for our clients to ensure growth and success.

My Proudest Achievement

I don’t focus on achievements, but rather on my personal impact on life on a daily basis. I’m very proud of my company and our core values. We make great efforts to have a positive working environment for our employees while producing products in line with respect to our planet. My only measure of success has always been the number of jobs I can create to support individuals realizing their dreams and living in dignity.

My Industry Outlook

Even though there have been talks about paperless offices for more than 20 years now, printing paper remains essential to people as screens can’t fully replace a good print. Our mission is to allow people to print at lower costs (30% reduction) and in a more responsible way for the environment. There is a shift in the corporate world to have in-house paper recycling machines. Epson and other companies already have those machines in their offices and we believe that more companies will own those machines in the next 10 years. We see Africa as the most dynamic upcoming market where growth rates are estimated to 5-10% per year. No other markets offer such potential growth.

For The Club

I look forward to connecting with great business executives. I’m happy to offer support and advice to other members in any way I can help.

From The Club

I am looking for distributors, resellers, and partners throughout Africa. Any people who can help me achieve my vision faster, please inbox me.

Ange Fandoh | Certified Business & Music Career Coach

As President of the African Union

I would focus on peace, stability, and safety, but also on freedom of movement for people, services and goods across borders. I strongly believe that Africa is the future. It is one of the most beautiful continents on the planet and has everything it needs to prosper.

The Member

Sassan Khatib-Shahidi

Sassan Khatib-Shahidi

Founder & CEO at German Imaging Technologies (GIT) living in United Arab Emirates
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02, Jun, 2020