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Spotlight on Eric Ducroix

My Background

I was born and raised in the beautiful country of France. Due in part to my career, I’ve spent most of my time abroad doing work in Africa. (Liberia, South Sudan, Kenya, DRC) and in the Middle East (Israel and Palestine). I proudly hold a Mechanical Engineering Master’s degree and an MBA from Warwick Business School in the UK. I’m also a Lean certified and Six Sigma Green Belt professional.

What I Do

I am currently the Director of Kaizen Consult, which is a consulting firm who strives for perfection while providing superb advisory services in the fields of Supply Chain and Operations management, applying Lean concepts and methodologies. Our focal point is to help organizations working in the African Sub Sahara, to better diagnose their Supply Chains and Operations. Afterwards, we then advise and support the execution of their unique strategy. With a highly customized and textile hands on approach, we accompany our customers, and help them to solve their problems. By doing this we are able to develop a continuous improvement culture with our clientele.

Years of Experience


Of Which in Africa


I Made It This Far

After I completed my time attending the university, I traveled to Liberia as a volunteer for two years. While I was there, I worked in distribution and logistics operations for a lifesaving program. I then went on to working in humanitarian Supply Chain and logistics in various countries. I’ve spent time in South Sudan, Kenya, Palestine, and DR Congo, working for various Non-Governmental Organizations as well as the UN. After that chapter in my life, I moved to Kenya and from there I led the regional freight forwarding operations covering all of East Africa. I also managed 3 offices; located in: Kenya, South Sudan, and Uganda. Fascinated by Lean principles, I later started my very own consulting practice to support companies working in Africa to achieve better results and improve efficiency.

My Proudest Achievement

In the development of the freight forwarding operations in East Africa, we have successfully managed to triple our total revenue in only three short years without having to increase human resources, by simply standardizing operations, streamlining processes, and enhancing the overall quality of service.

My Industry Outlook

With more interest from international companies, prompting them to invest in Africa, and seeing more startups engaging operations and having to perform in a risky and sometimes unstructured environment, I see the increase of the need of experts like me to advise these companies. These organizations will need to engage with local experience to better implement their strategies and protect their investments.

For The Club

Industry insights, tips and expert advice in my field in order to help other members to develop their Supply Chain and limit the risks involved with their operations.

From The Club

A much stronger and more developed network. One that allows me to engage in business opportunities where I can reduce waste in operations and Supply Chain processes in order to create value and improve cost efficiency.

Ange Fandoh | Certified Business & Music Career Coach

I strongly believe that Africa...

is a fast-growing market with huge opportunities and untapped potential for investors and companies who are ready to take some risks. However, we must stay vigilant as one has to remain patient and view it as a long-term project, setting up the foundations for growth by using the proper skillsets of experienced professionals with local expertise.

The Member

Eric Ducroix

Eric Ducroix

Founder, Director and Senior Consultant at Kaizen Consult Ltd living in Kenya
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14, Mar, 2020