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Who’s succeeding at early stage venture capital in Africa?

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In this age of digitalization and globalization, it is more important than ever to have a strong network. Connecting startups and early-stage venture funds with professional investors is Guenter Schmittberger’s specialty. Guenter is a German-based expert with over three decades of professional experience in various industries, including IT, consulting, and entrepreneurship. His proven track record of success includes a focus on conscious investments for development and climate, bridging Africa and Europe on eye level.
In the world of business and finance, success means more than just making money. It’s about aligning your activities with your values. Guenter Schmittberger believes that this is the key to success in any field.
Being a business consultant is no small feat, especially when you’re trying to connect startups with professional investors, as Guenter Schmittberger does. With a portfolio of 50+ companies from all over the world that he and his partners support, his focus is on making conscious investments for development and climate.
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And he’s succeeding: he’s secured financing for 10% of his clients and grown his impact on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by 50% per year.

But it hasn’t all been easygoing. One of the biggest challenges Guenter has faced is the huge gap between Pre-Seed and Late-Seed investors, especially in emerging markets. Another challenge has been getting VCs (Venture Capitalists) on board with the idea of measuring and managing their impact on the SDGs.
Pre-Seed and Late-Seed investors usually have different agendas. Pre-Seed investors are often more interested in the potential of the company and its product. In contrast, Late-Seed investors are more interested in the company’s financials and its ability to scale.
This can be a problem when startups are trying to raise money from both types of investors. Guenter has seen this firsthand, and it’s one of the reasons he’s been so successful in connecting startups with the right investors.
To overcome this challenge, Guenter has taken a few different actions. One of these is connecting with different networks, platforms, and fundraisers. He’s also invited his clients to do a course on Coursera about “Management & Measurement of Impact on the SDGs.”
The results have been impressive. Guenter has secured seed funding for, XVA-Blockchain, and others. He’s also researched and compiled a list of 1,400+ investors and established partnerships in more than ten countries, mainly in Africa & Europe. Guenter knows very well how to value a startup. By understanding the underlying questions that investors ask, he can help create a startup valuation report using various methods such as the Berkus Method, Payne Scorecard Method, Startup Rating Method, Venture Capital Method, and First Chicago Method. With the right tools and understanding, Guenter can help startups to measure and improve their investment-readiness before they approach an investor and offer a fundraising contract, if the investment readiness is high enough.
For his fundraising services, he welcomes startups from Africa with high investment readiness who have a clear understanding of how their products or services can support the SDGs. Achieving the SDGs is a huge task that requires global cooperation, and Guenter is ready to do his part in supporting these efforts. Guenter’s experience and dedication are clearly paying off. With a wealth of experience in management positions and many years in fundraising, he is well-equipped to make a difference in the business world.
His commitment to supporting the triple bottom line of People, Planet, & Profit shows in his actions and results. We can all learn from his example and strive to make a positive impact in the world. With the right attitude and approach, anything is possible. Guenter Schmittberger is living proof of that.
Guenter Schmittberger

Guenter Schmittberger

Fundraiser & CEO at Coman

27, May, 2022