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Tap into the power of networking and business partnerships to supercharge your business growth by joining our private network of senior-level executives. 

Without the hassles of business networking, you can gain access to all the members to establish business partnerships and get new business deals. 

Even better, we have a contact reach of over 6,000 decision-makers across Africa and beyond, to help you introduce your business to people in your industry.

No Time To Network?
No Worries!

You know that expanding your network is an important success factor.

But with so many things on your plate, it’s hard to find the time to meet new people and build a business relationship. And when you finally have the time, it’s hard to schedule a meeting with the person you want to connect with.

Imagine if there’s a solution that allows you to expand your network, without spending so much time and energy scheduling a meeting with another busy person or the awkward cold calling? Wouldn’t that be great?

Business Club Africa helps you expand your network with ease

Once you join Business Club Africa, networking will be a lot easier because you don’t have to do it on your own.

When you become a member, you’ll gain access to all the members who are representing large groups, SMEs, freelancers, and even investors.

You can contact them immediately, or even get introduced to them so you can skip the awkward cold calling. Just imagine how much easier growing your business would be.

As A Member, You’ll Get An Opportunity To…


Get introduced to people in your industry and market

That’s right! We’ll introduce you so you’ll instantly gain their trust. From there, building a business relationship should go smoothly.


Find business opportunities, partners, and clients

You’ll gain access to all members of the club. These are decision-makers like you who are serious about expanding their network and establishing new business partnerships.

Design stats

List your products and services on our private marketplace

Instead of going out there and pitching your products/services to complete strangers, you can increase your chance of success by offering them to your peers at Business Club Africa.


Access to 6000+ decision-makers from across the world

With a reach of  6000+ executives from inside and outside of Africa, you can expand your network faster than ever before!

Group video-rafiki

Attend our industry networking events (online & in-person)

We have networking events (usually last for just one hour) that you can attend either online or in-person.

Join The Circle of Trust

Do business with reliable and serious people.
All members have been approved by our committee.
47 Countries
27 Industries
34 Investment Funds
5335 Contact Reach
This Is Definitely NOT For Everyone.

Do You Qualify?

We know we’re offering one of the best business opportunities you ever came across. And because we’re serious about helping you expand your network, we must be extra selective about the people you’ll do business with.

Our selection process is quite stringent, but we believe you’ll appreciate the effort we go through to eliminate unqualified individuals. Because of these extra steps, thousands of decision-makers, and investors from inside and outside Africa are eager to join the club.

Who Join The Club?


Few examples:

CEO, Drilling Contractor
Owner, Architect firm
Partner, Law Firm
CEO, Construction Company


Few examples:

Country Manager, Oil & Gas
Managing Director, Telecom
Regional Manager, Insurance
Head of Sales Africa, Retail

Business Club Africa | Business Matchmaking Platform & Services


Few examples:

Venture Capital Firms
Private Funds
Development Finance Institutions
Angel Investors


Few examples:

Project Management Consultant
Mining Engineer
Agribusiness Expert
Energy efficiency Expert

Join Today For Just $279/year!

Yes, that’s all you need to pay to gain access to our private network of senior-level executives.

In other words, rather than investing your valuable time to expand your network, and sacrificing your credibility for cold calling random strangers…

You can, for a fraction of the cost of attending a high-priced business networking event, effectively expand your network and close more business deals. And that’s without all the crammed travel or awkward networking on a seminar.

Joining this club could be one of the best investments you’ve ever made in your career. Because we see an incredible world of opportunities ahead for you. We hope you see it too.

Your Membership Is Backed By Our
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’ll let you enter the club, introduce you to people in your industry, and give you access to all the contacts. If after 30 days you decide this is not for you, just let us know and we’ll refund your membership fee.
Still On The Fence?

Listen To What These People Say…

Connect With Key People Across
Multiple Industries

























Get Funded. Bring Your Ideas To Life!

Finding investors who are interested in supporting your business is not easy, let alone convincing them to give you the money to start or grow your business. The good news? When you joined Business Club Africa, you have more options than ever before, with greater opportunities to find investors who trust you and are ready to help you bring your ideas into a living reality.

When you join Business Club Africa, you’ll gain access to our pool of world-class investors who are serious about funding the business run by members of the club. So, you don’t have to go out there and pitch your ideas to some random people. Instead, you can pitch your ideas to world-class investors in our circle of trust and have a better chance of success!

Pitch Your Idea To Our World-Class Investors

Additional Services We Offer

Boost your personal brand's credibility

Stories matter. Good ones can make a huge difference. Our team can help you create impactful content to showcase your, values, expertise, and accomplishments. Then we’ll help you promote your story to a key audience. It’s a complete package of a laser-targeted, credibility-enhancing campaign that can take your personal brand to the next level.

A la carte services

We offer a wide range of a la carte services, including but not limited to market studies, introductions to distributors, project management, public relations, etc.

Upcoming Networking Events

Collaborative Projects

We are proud to welcome the MENA Women Business Club as a sub-club of Business Club Africa to offer women-owned and women-led businesses from across the MENA region the opportunity to grow their business, their network, and raise money. We welcome women entrepreneurs from all sectors to become a member of the Business Club. Please submit your application.
We are proud to welcome OYA Business Club as a sub-club of Business Club Africa to offer young agripreneurs the opportunity to grow their business, their network and raise money through new business partners and opportunities. We welcome young entrepreneurs from all agricultural value chains and agri-food systems to become a member of the Business Club. Please submit your application.

Institutional Partners

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