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How MAISHA Group secured a hostile zone in the Democratic Republic of Congo

MAISHA Group | Security Risk Management | Holistic Security Solutions

The Business

MAISHA Group is a strategic consulting company providing holistic security solutions to governments, non-government and private sector agents that operate in high risk jurisdictions and want to bring about positive change. We combine big data analysis, field operations and innovative technology to keep our customers two steps ahead.

MAISHA Group | Security Risk Management | Holistic Security Solutions

The Project

MAISHA Group joined hands with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and the Institute for Congolese Conservation of Nature (ICCN) to help conserve the pristine nature of the Bili Uele reserve in Northern DRC. The reserve is now experiencing growing levels of artisanal mining, timber extraction, and poachers are freely entering the protected area.

The ICCN has struggled to effectively protect and manage the reserve due to a lack of resources and difficulty accessing the region. Further complicating matters is the presence of small groups of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and other rebels, creating real danger for those in the area.

The Goals

  1. Community outreach to gain the support of local communities
  2. Training rangers and ICCN personnel to ensure they are prepped for a precarious environment
  3. Secure a highly rebel infested area by combining conservation and security so people and animals can live safely and circulate freely
MAISHA Group | Security Risk Management | Holistic Security Solutions
MAISHA Group | Security Risk Management | Holistic Security Solutions

Respect Of The Environment

The project itself was an environment led initiative. It was part of a bigger program of the African Wildlife Foundation to protect endangered species like elephants and chimpanzees.

The Challenges

  1. Logistics: There were no paved roads leading to the Bili Uele reserve, no electricity, no vehicles, and no communication equipment to operate the project.
  2. Security: High level of insecurity in the area with a very small amount of trained rangers
  3. Financial: Shoestring budget to start operations

The Actions

  1. Chartered flights landed on a dirt strip and led caravans of motorcycles on the jungle path to bring solar equipment, ranger equipment, vehicles, quads, communication equipment, etc.
  2. Recruited, trained and equipped 25 new rangers to have a law enforcement presence on the ground
  3. Prioritized actions and provided “quick” successes to bring additional funding to the project
MAISHA Group | Security Risk Management | Holistic Security Solutions

The Results

  1. Return of security and relative stability to the area within a year. The LRA is less prevalent in the area
  2. Inflow of funding and support to the remote area of the Bili Uele Reserve, including the creation of additional employment
  3. Brought public relations and focus to an area of economic potential and extreme environmental importance
  4. Generated interest for research and protection of the area.

Why They Are The Best

  1. They’re the only one crazy enough to do it. They have a strong capacity for operating in hostile and remote areas
  2. Their clients get visibility and credibility vis-à-vis donors
  3. Experience and adequate risk mitigation and preparation

The Member

Nir Kalron

Nir Kalron

CEO at Maisha Group living in Israel
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11, Nov, 2019

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