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From Mom to Mompreneur – The Journey of Little Melly

Your baby’s health and wellbeing are always your first priority. But in today’s fast-paced world, it’s not always easy to find the best products for your little one.
When it comes to baby food, many international brands are contaminated with heavy metals and unhealthy ingredients such as sugar and additives. And with a shelf life of as long as two years, these products are not exactly fresh.
In many countries, the baby food industry is highly unregulated, which makes it hard for parents to know what they’re feeding their children, and Lebanon is no different.

There are many problems with the quality of the food, the packaging, and the shelf life. However, one woman has decided to take on the challenge and create a fresh, healthy, and sustainable option for parents.
Jennifer Mansour is the founder of Little Melly, a baby food company that is committed to providing fresh, healthy, and safe options for parents. Mansour was motivated to start Little Melly after she had her own child and realized how difficult it was to find good quality food options.
Building a business is never easy, and building it with $0 is even harder. Mansour had to get creative and come up with ways to get her product in front of parents. She was able to overcome these challenges by being agile and constantly adapting her business model.
There were many challenges that Mansour faced when starting her company. One of the biggest challenges was finding funding, dealing with the currency devaluation of the Lebanese pound, and attracting talent to stay and work in Lebanon.
Regardless of these challenges, Mansour was able to overcome them by budgeting on a frequent basis and being transparent with her staff about the financials of the business. This transparency allowed her team to be more productive and care about the company’s success.
Despite the challenges, Mansour has been successful in her mission to provide parents with a fresh, healthy, and safe option for their children. Little Melly has earned the trust of over 70 top pediatricians in Lebanon and has served over 700 parents in two years of operation. In just two years, Jennifer Mansour has made a big impact on the baby food industry in Lebanon. Her journey is an inspiration to other moms who want to make a difference in the world.
Little Melly has also been accepted into two top accelerator programs and has been chosen by USAID and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to be supported via technical assistance.
Living out the brand values and instilling the mission and vision to her employees are some of the reasons for her success. Mansour is committed to FAO’s Sustainable Development Goals and is constantly looking for ways to make her company more sustainable.
Like any other young entrepreneur, she is proving that we can build successful businesses without ruining the environment.
By minimizing packaging, using QR codes to list ingredients, and requiring customers to return used jars, Mansour is working to reduce Little Melly’s environmental impact.
She is also planning the implementation of a digital food safety system through blockchain technology to ensure the quality and safety of her products.
One of the things that set Little Melly apart is that it is mommy-led. As a mother, Mansour is able to relate to the challenges that parents face when it comes to feeding their children. This gives her a unique perspective that she is able to use to create products that meet the needs of parents.
The future looks bright for Little Melly and its mission to provide parents with healthy, safe, and sustainable options for their children.
Thanks to Mansour’s dedication and commitment, the company is well on its way to making a positive impact in the Lebanese baby food industry, and who knows? Maybe even the world.
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18, May, 2022