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Spotlight of Ismael Belkhayat

My Background

Born and raised in Morocco, I moved to Paris when I was 17 and then lived in various countries including, England, Spain, the USA. I hold various degrees from ESCP Europe Paris, City University Cass Business School London, Universidad Carlos III Madrid, Cornell University New York, Université Panthéon Assas Paris.

Years of Experience


Of Which in Africa


I Made It This Far

I started working for the Boston Consulting Group in Paris and I was then sent to the office in Casablanca. I worked for almost two years for the BCG before turning into an entrepreneur in Africa.

My Proudest Achievement

In 2015, I launched my company,, that rents cars with drivers. I started with three cars and one B2B client. Four years later, the company owns more than 100 cars, and has signed up more than 500 B2B clients with around 25,000 users.

My Industry Outlook

I believe there is an opportunity to expand my business in any country in Africa in which there are multinational companies looking for a safe transportation means for its coworkers and employees.

For The Club

I wish to offer my advices,  some industry insights,  my network in Morocco and share business opportunities.

From The Club

I wish to grow my network in specific markets.

The Member

Ismael Belkhayat

Ismael Belkhayat

Founder at living in Morocco
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12, Jul, 2020