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Spotlight on Ange Fandoh

Ange Fandoh | Certified Business & Music Career Coach | Business Club Africa

My Background

I was born and raised up to the age of 7 in Yaounde, Cameroun. I then moved to France with my family. As my parents did not want me to be a musician for a living, I studied Economy (DEUG) and English (Bachelor) but kept playing music. After graduation, I studied music both at the American School of Modern Arts and the Piano Academy in Paris.

Years of Experience


Of Which in Africa


I Made It This Far

I signed a big contract with a record label at the age of 19 and was sent to New York for two years to record an album. My encounter with the CEO of La Folie Douce, a famous cuisine and entertainment company operating in fancy locations in France and Switzerland (especially ski stations) was a turning point in my career and life. I became the artistic director for their international business development department which led me to launch my very first artist booking agency. In late 2016, I realized that there was no booking agency in Africa so I decided to replicate my booking agency I had in France, in Senegal.

My Proudest Achievement

I am the most proud of achieving a EUR 1.5M turnover abroad within only a year’s time in charge of international business development at La Folie Douce while the company itself in France was generating EUR 3M/year. The CEO had a great flair for business and believed in me, my talent for spotting and spotlighting artists, but also made me really discover and strengthen my inherent management skills.

My Industry Outlook

Today, the Arts business (including music) on the African continent has not reached its potential. Nigeria is an exception with Nollywood ranking second in the film industry worldwide and  having the US bringing in artists from the country. I believe that other countries across the continent are taking Nigeria as an example such as Kenya, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Cabo Verde, South Africa, Morocco, etc. Thanks to targeted training for key players in creative industries, the sector will grow in Africa. The industry will be more organized, more professional,  and more profitable.

For The Club

As a certified business and life coach, I would be happy to provide mentoring to help members based on my own experience and share some business advices. I would also love to offer business coaching to musicians and share my experience as an ambassador of an eco-friendly NGO.

From The Club

I wish to gain clear advice to improve my knowledge of the continent and how it functions. For instance, I would have enjoyed being advised on how to manage employees before settling in Africa. The Club and its members will help my network grow and generate new business opportunities, as events and entertainment are used by all types of businesses.

Ange Fandoh | Certified Business & Music Career Coach

As President of the African Union

I would focus on education and training across the continent for all types of industries. We need more qualified labor and we have to make sure people have access to the right trainings. We need to change our mindset : be proud and self-confident, and stop thinking that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

The Member

Ange Fandoh

Ange Fandoh

Founder at La Toile living in France
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02, Nov, 2019