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Spotlight on Patricia Nzolantima

My Background

My journey as an entrepreneur with a focus on women’s empowerment started in 2007 when I founded Bizzoly SARL which then became BIZZOLY HOLDINGS, a women-owned company and foundation. I then co-founded Exp-Comunic-Art, a marketing and communication agency. Since I strongly believe that incredible things happen when women support each other, I opened Working Ladies-WIA Hub, the first economic empowerment hub and accelerator program for women entrepreneurs in Kinshasa. I’ve also founded Bizzoly Transportation and Logistics, which operates, under my company Ubizcabs, the first female-driven taxi company in the DRC.

As a serial entrepreneur, I am constantly evolving which makes me a seasoned leader in market disruption initiatives in Africa. I was honored to be ranked 35th among the “100 Economic Leaders of Tomorrow” by Forbes Afrique in 2018.

Years of Experience


Of Which in Africa


I Made It This Far

By identifying opportunities, making sacrifices, and working as hard as I can with a lot of discipline, determination, and focus.

My Proudest Achievement

Putting women and their empowerment at the core of my business. By having Working Ladies Hub attached to my transportation and logistics company, I was able to allow our female drivers to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship. Each driver is being supported by the hub and is responsible for their vehicle. I believe in building bridges towards the future, so this is how I’m contributing to building great businesses with an economic and social impact.

My Industry Outlook

Africa and especially countries with a long history of conflicts such as the DRC are often considered too risky for investments. We are the living proof that innovative and socially oriented businesses are thriving in our region of the continent and can be replicated elsewhere. I believe that in the next 5 years, Ubizcabs will become an icon for women empowerment and entrepreneurship in the transportation, logistics, and fintech industries.

For The Club

I wish to offer my mentoring and coaching expertise and also my knowledge about microfinance, marketing strategy, and the importance of design. I would also be happy to share my network with other members.

From The Club

I wish to build a stronger network, cease business opportunities in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), transportation, logistics, and Fintech sectors.

Ange Fandoh | Certified Business & Music Career Coach

As President of the African Union

As president of the African Union, my goal would be to obtain a real commitment with all African governments to have more women in public institutions. I strongly believe that the future is female and African. Africa is the future of the world!

The Member

Patricia Nzolantima

Patricia Nzolantima

Founder/ Chairwoman at Bizzoly Holdings living in Democratic Republic of the Congo
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20, Feb, 2020