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Spotlight on Romain Alati

My Background

Born and raised in France, I have a Master’s degree in Air Transport Management from Toulouse Business School/ENAC (French National Civil Aviation School). I started working as a sales agent for a small business jet airline and worked in the aviation industry ever since. I had the opportunity to travel a lot and overseeing VIP trips, managing protocols and customer care relationships, mostly in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and North America. I have a true passion for business aviation and I enjoy working on the African continent.

What I Do

As COO of Luxaviation France, I am in charge of the day to day operations. My team and I have to make sure that each and every flight respects all safety and comfort requirements. I’m also in charge of business development so I’m always looking to serve new clients as Luxaviation can fly wherever the client wants to go.

Years of Experience


Of Which in Africa


I Made It This Far

Throughout the years, I managed to build a solid network in the aviation world and acquired a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs. Aviation is a great “non-routine job” as each day is different due to the essence of the world we evolve in such as having to deal with weather, technical problems, crew management challenges, airport slots, etc. I’ve always wanted to manage a business aviation organization so I’m enjoying implementing all the requirements and processes needed to grow and sustain our business.

My Proudest Achievement

Back in 2018, my business development team and I surpassed our sales objectives by reaching a 250% growth rate. We also managed to sell, in 2019, an aircraft (Dassault Falcon 900EX) to a private American owner in only 20 days!

My Industry Outlook

The African Business Aviation market has a very strong potential for expansion. As everybody knows, scheduled airlines have a poor network in Africa. Flying between African capitals requires too often 1,2, or 3 stops. Because we can personalize every single trip, our clients can, for example, rent a private jet and travel to 5 different African countries within 3 days instead of wasting time on local airlines.

For The Club

I wish to share my experiences and help members to expand their network.

From The Club

I wish to find new and exciting personal and business opportunities.

The Member

Romain Alati

Romain Alati

COO at Luxaviation France living in France
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24, Jan, 2020